Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Second chances...

How many second chances could someone give in this life? Someone breaks your heart and yet you give them another chance to make it up for you, only to disappoint you even worst... Then you decide to give another chance because you simply believe in that person, but you only end up with a broken heart and an even bigger disappointment... Do you give another chance? Do you take the risk of getting hurt again or just turn your back and leave without looking around, leaving past where it belongs?


  1. But that's what life is, right? It's all about (right or wrong) second chances and repetition of errors. It's not true we all learn from our mistakes, most of us simply don't see the mistake until it's too late and we are hooked. That's why we need to be sorrounded by loving people who are not afraid of telling us how stupid we are. Those people are FRIENDS, and I am proud to say you're one of mine.

  2. I agree and that is why I forgive easily... but I am tired of feeling that people step on me... I dont know if you know what I mean... I guess some circles close earlier than others. But I am happy because while growing up I learn from my mistakes, and handle situations differently. And I am also really proud that you consider me your friend! No need to say that I am happy to be in your "family" of friends!!!

  3. hey, i started to consider a friend too! :)
    i personally think you can forigve once, even twice, then enough. if that person doesn't learn you surely do. and to keep sanity and surviving, you keep them out of your life. you need an armor, nek. people are evil and they're going to take the shit out of you. unless you're only rounded by lovely friends, of course. asunka, you're right in this! :)