Friday, 26 November 2010

My second home

I dont have much to say, I just wanted to show you my second home, the place I spend most of my time at. This is the place I have learnt to love and hate, and have met my second family...

So, welcome at Floras bookstores....

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Lunch with a view

I was asked today what I had for lunch, as I stayed all day long in Athens due to strikes etc... well today I had the best lunch ever! A colleague of mine and me went to the roof garden of a shopping mall near by and the money we gave there, didnt go wasted... and it was not because of the food... Ok, it was tasty and we loved it but what we loved the most was the view... it is not everyday that you eat having the Parthenon right across you and the city of Athens at your feet!!! It was magnificent watching the Acropolis while the heave clouds passed above it, and the rays of the sun trying to pass through them, trying to touch the ancinet beauty... there isnt a single photo that can capture this amazing thing...
So, if you ask me today what I had for lunch, the answer would be "Athens on my plate...and loved it!!!!"

Sunday, 21 November 2010


I dont have much to write... I dont need to tell how amazing this day was, or how much I enjoyed Lia's food and the company of people that I trully care about... All I want to say is a big thanks to the guy who discovered Sangria!!!! The divine wine that makes me feel like I am in a constant bliss each time I drink it! So, thanks to Espagna for making it, thanks to everyone who sells it and thanks to everyone who buys it and gives it to me to drink!!!! hahahahahah
I am in LOVE with Sangria!!!!

Ps: sorry to wine from Samos, I am NOT cheating on you dear, just trying out new things!!!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Good friends or just gerat colleagues?

I have been told many times that when it comes to work, there isnt true friendship, and the only thing that trully exists is antagonism and hatred. I used to agree with them untill I met Dimitroula and George at my work place. There isnt much that I love anymore in my job but those two kids are definitly one of the reasons that I can wake up in the morning and go to work with a smile. Dimitroula is an innocent girl that sees the world beautiful and flawless and she hardly says a bad word. She always sees beauty in every person and even though she's gotten hurt alot, she still believes in people .. she is an angel and she is my medicine in the store, always finding a way to make me laugh and smile wide, especially when she laughs in her Spongebob laughter!!!... 
George on the other hand is the exact opossite from Dimitroula. He sees the world as it is, he is realistic, he is strong and always talks when he trully has something to say. He is artistic too and into photography-our strongest connection, and even though we started on the wrong foot, we bonded through the days as we found we have lot's in common. I have to say that if it wasnt for George I would have collapsed several times this September, but he was always there -with Dimitroula, to give me a big hug and strength to continue.
So yeah, when I walk and talk with these two people that always look me in the eye when they talk to me, or when I have something to say to them, when those two people are my "wall" to lean on when I need to, and when Ι have become their person to confinde in... they "force" me to say that I have changed my mind... Yeah there is true friendship in work, only if you allow it, and I am lucky enough to have find my two best friend-colleagues!!!!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

My life is a box full....

... books!!! :)))
This is how I spend my days at work... putting books in boxes to send them to storage... I discover so many amazing things while doing this, hidden books that I have never seen before, huge books full of recipes (yeah, Roula's paradise), and little literature treasures like "breakfast at Tiffany's". I feel like I am digging to find gold!!! And you can see a huge smile on my face when I find something interesting to buy. That is the beauty of working in a book store like this... The only thing that I really hate is that I am the one who has to carry these boxes... YIKES!!!!
Ps I should really open a bank account with money only to buy books... :)

Friday, 12 November 2010

Friday night lights...

The only time that you see Athens and you think that maybe it is a beautiful city after all, is by night... especially by a rainny night... Then you forget all the dirt that it is covered with, and I dont mean just the garbage on the pavements, the dust from Africa that covers our sky, or the fact that the streets and walls are covered by the dreadfull leaflets from the elections... Those moments when you see the rain washing away everything that makes this city unbearable, you actually are awed by the city's smell, and colors... maybe it is the rain that makes everything glitter...or maybe it is the fact that the night conceals all that is ugly... the truth though is that Athens has lost its glamour of the past and it will never gain it again... only the Parthenon has been left behind to remind us who we trully are....

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Second chances...

How many second chances could someone give in this life? Someone breaks your heart and yet you give them another chance to make it up for you, only to disappoint you even worst... Then you decide to give another chance because you simply believe in that person, but you only end up with a broken heart and an even bigger disappointment... Do you give another chance? Do you take the risk of getting hurt again or just turn your back and leave without looking around, leaving past where it belongs?