Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Good friends or just gerat colleagues?

I have been told many times that when it comes to work, there isnt true friendship, and the only thing that trully exists is antagonism and hatred. I used to agree with them untill I met Dimitroula and George at my work place. There isnt much that I love anymore in my job but those two kids are definitly one of the reasons that I can wake up in the morning and go to work with a smile. Dimitroula is an innocent girl that sees the world beautiful and flawless and she hardly says a bad word. She always sees beauty in every person and even though she's gotten hurt alot, she still believes in people .. she is an angel and she is my medicine in the store, always finding a way to make me laugh and smile wide, especially when she laughs in her Spongebob laughter!!!... 
George on the other hand is the exact opossite from Dimitroula. He sees the world as it is, he is realistic, he is strong and always talks when he trully has something to say. He is artistic too and into photography-our strongest connection, and even though we started on the wrong foot, we bonded through the days as we found we have lot's in common. I have to say that if it wasnt for George I would have collapsed several times this September, but he was always there -with Dimitroula, to give me a big hug and strength to continue.
So yeah, when I walk and talk with these two people that always look me in the eye when they talk to me, or when I have something to say to them, when those two people are my "wall" to lean on when I need to, and when Ι have become their person to confinde in... they "force" me to say that I have changed my mind... Yeah there is true friendship in work, only if you allow it, and I am lucky enough to have find my two best friend-colleagues!!!!


  1. you're lucky, sweet nek, seriosuly lucky and when you find these so rare people, you better treasure them. this world is so cruel! i wish i could see innocence and good in everyone. bah!
    ps: this snow patrol song you have here is the perfect soundtrack for this post, don't ask me why!

  2. ah which one of their songs? Just say yes, chasing cars or run??? because I am a huge snow patrol fun!!! :)) And yes I do feel lucky, life is cruel and at least there are some things to smile about!!!!

  3. chasing cars, darling. it's my favorite!

  4. At least I know there is someone to keep you safe when you are far from me. Snif snif....

    PS My song here is "Kings and Queens" by 30 seconds to Mars. *drooling over Jared again* LOL