Friday, 12 November 2010

Friday night lights...

The only time that you see Athens and you think that maybe it is a beautiful city after all, is by night... especially by a rainny night... Then you forget all the dirt that it is covered with, and I dont mean just the garbage on the pavements, the dust from Africa that covers our sky, or the fact that the streets and walls are covered by the dreadfull leaflets from the elections... Those moments when you see the rain washing away everything that makes this city unbearable, you actually are awed by the city's smell, and colors... maybe it is the rain that makes everything glitter...or maybe it is the fact that the night conceals all that is ugly... the truth though is that Athens has lost its glamour of the past and it will never gain it again... only the Parthenon has been left behind to remind us who we trully are....


  1. so sorry to read this. i visited athens 3 times and loved every minute of my stays there. it was crowded, polluted, but didd't look dirty at all. or better, all the dirt I attributed to the use and it was all so very aurea, u know? awww, the tourist's eye!

  2. unfortunately Athens is not my fave city... maybe that is why I am being so harsh on it...I hate the noise, the big crowds and honestly you see garbage everywhere which is frastruting... I have even seen tourists taking pictures at them like it is a sight or something like that! Maybe I would also see all the good things if I visited as a tourist! but I have to say that this commect is only for a spesific part of Athens because when you are in Plaka or Monastiraki, it is like you eneter another world!!!

  3. I think you have this feeling about Athens simply cos you are there every day, you see what happens in the streets (from junkies to beggars) and moreover you have found yourself among difficult situations and your life has been in danger esp when they have marches etc.
    But when we went together for a walk last August -the day I got lost LOL- I saw Athens with a different eye as well. I don't think it has nothing to envy from other big cities, the only thing it needs is the change of the attitude of the people living there, to show some respect and love to the city.

  4. I think we should all see our cities/towns/villages with a visitor's eye from time to time, we don't usually appreciate what we have around, the grass is always greener in the neighbour's lawn, isn't it?
    As much as I love Madrid, I know very well the huge problems the city has, but whenever I have guests at home and show them around, I see things in a different way, I fall in love a bit more with my hometown. So, like Roula said, maybe you should try to see it in that other way now and then, discover hidden corners, grab your camera and act like a tourist for a change, you'll see a very different Athens I'm sure.